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"The featherbed frame was a motorcycle frame developed by the British Norton motorcycle company to improve the performance of their racing motorcycles around the twisting and demanding Isle of Man TT course in 1950. It was considered revolutionary at the time,[1] and the best handling frame that a racer could have.[2] Later adopted for Norton production motorcycles, it was also widely used by builders of custom hybrids such as the Triton, becoming legendary and remaining influential to this day.[1]

The Featherbed inspired other frame builders who based their own products on similar principles, including the heavyweight Münch Mammoth and a lightweight version for a 250 cc BSA C15 engine.[3][4]

The Featherbed was replaced by the Norton Isolastic frame in 1967 for the then newly-developed Norton Commando which used a rubber-mounted engine and gearbox,[5] although Norton continued to offer the Mercury with a Featherbed frame until production ceased by 1970. Replicas of the frame continue to be produced by specialist companies.." Wikipedia

This is a parametric design of a Norton Featherbed motorcycle frame which allows many variations to the original design- height, length, width, pipe diameters, location of each part to make the whole, angles, curvature, mounting points....  The file can export to any format suitable for digital fabrication.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to use this algorithm (royalty-free) for your motorcycle project.


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