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Academia:  UNSW

Lecturer in computational design and digital fabrication

                        Rebekah is a university lecturer in the Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW

                        She is also a sessional lecturer in Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney

Educates future architects, artists, industrial designers and engineers

Explores innovative design theories and practice

Leads and teaches students to design, develop and fabricate Smart architecture

Convenes Computational Design studios, Digital Fabrication, Interaction Design

Facilitates Built Environment Interdisciplinary Learning Studios

Enables Industry and Academic collaboration projects


Hextic - Exhibition: Launch of Sydney Architectural Festival 2014, Grasshopper Bar, Sydney CBD laneway

Orkhestra - Exhibition: Powerhouse Museum

Hypersurface - Exhibition: Sydney Architectural Festival 2012

Arclight interaction - The Rocks 2015

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